Yasumitsu Ogra

Yasumitsu Ogra obtained his B.S. degree from Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Science in 1991, and his Ph.D. from Chiba University (Japan) in 1996. He continued carrying out scientific research as a post-doctoral fellow at National Institute of Industrial Health. Since 1997, he worked in Chiba University as a research associate (1997-2003) and an associate professor (2004-2008). He was appointed as a full professor at Showa Pharmaceutical University (2009-2014), and then, moved to Chiba University as a full professor (2015-present). His current research interests include the elucidation of mechanisms underlying physiological and toxicological effects of trace elements, and development of a novel approach to metal toxicology by analytical chemistry and molecular/cellular biology. His special attention is devoted to toxicology in metallomics, i.e., toxicometallomics.